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You literally are what you eat.

On a cellular level our body regenerates it’s very quickly. Ladies why do you
exfoliate? To remove dead skin cells right. When a skin cell dies new cells take their
place. Guys why do you shave? To cut back hair growth, your hair growth is just the
body producing more cells. In fact on a cellular level your eyes cells regenerate
themselves every forty-eight hours, typically speaking you get a new body every year
and the body you are living in now is a result of the food you ate three years ago. So
if we are losing and creating cells this fast what are we doing to create these new
cells. Well it doesn’t happen by magic. Your body breaks down the food you eat to
create new cells. So you literally are what you eat. Now Mother Nature is a pretty
smart lady and she does a fantastic job of keeping things in balance. Everything you
need to create perfect new cells – the way Mother Nature intended them to be is
provided in the food selections in nature. Take yourself back to the early days of our
evolution, the cave people days. What do you think was on the menu for dinner?
Typically speaking it was whatever animal you managed to kill or scavenge meat
from and whatever fruit and vegetable was in season. That was the way it was for
hundreds of thousands of years and this is the way our bodies like to be feed. Hey, it
got us this far. However over the last 100 years of our evolution we have invented
processed refined food, packaged and tinned food for convenience. Unfortunately
over the last 50 years this type of eating refined processed food has become the norm
rather than the exception to the rule, we have lost touch with the nutritional benefits
that Mother Nature provides us with. From 1900 to 2000 the rate of an individual
being affected by cancer increased from 1:30 to 1:2. If cancer can de defined as a
degenerative cell and we know the that cells are created in our body’s by the food we
eat then is there are link between the food we eat and the amount of cancer in modern
You decide, but consider this.
When Western A Price – toured the world documenting findings of
indigenous cultures. None of them where eating processed refined food and none had
cancer, they didn’t even have a word for it. Now granted the average westerners life
span increased from 47 years to 77 years during the period of 1900 to 1997, however
most of this was due to and increase in private and public hygiene. Imagine what we
could do if we combined good hygiene with good food. You are literally what you

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