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Prior to seeing Dave I was involved with ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) for three of the 5 years I was in pain. During this time I choose to see 2 back specialists. I had two consultations through ACC with back specialists, one with a Neurologist, another with a Rheumatologist, three different Physiotherapists and a disastrous six-week ACC gym rehabilitation program.

None of the above where able to shed any light on my problem, even with the last two scans I had.After eight sessions with your guidance and assistance, I noticed a considerable improvement. By three months I was seventy five percent pain free.

Obviously this transformation has changed my life from being house bound and ill, to one that I now enjoy, as I can cope with most housework, driving shopping and be involved socially.

I must note that during all my previous appointments, not one person was half as committed as Dave at trying to pin point my problem.

Hopefully I will continue seeing you until such time that my strength will allow me to pursue my sporting interests.

Regards Bev Clarke

Two years ago (27.4.07) I was at a dance practice and injured my back while performing a layout. It progressively got worse so I went home toke some voltaren and went to bed.

My back became more painful so I went to the Physiotherapist where it was thought that I had pulled a muscle. I proceeded having treatment but found that it was extremely painful when I participated in my usual activities. i.e. dance, hockey, touch rugby, basketball and volleyball (even just for 5 minutes).

I eventually had a CT scan and an MRI, which showed I had two prolapsed discs. I saw an Orthopedic Surgeon in Dunedin. He informed me that 10 years ago my back would have been operated on, but figures showed that 10 years later on the progress was not much different than if it had been left or operated on. He told me to carry on as usual but if an activity hurt then stop. He also said I do not require physical or any manipulative therapy.

After that appointment I new my back wasn’t going to handle my two 2 subjects Advanced PE and Dance. I also had to pull out of all my other activities that I loved, as the pain was unbearable. Even sitting at school studying hurt and I felt there was no hope.

Unbeknown to me Mum and Dad, feeling helpless had approached David Cheyne from MBS Holistic Training whom dad seen working with clients at the YMCA where dad works out.

After a very professional and thorough examination with Dave he said he could help me. Finally some light at the end of this dark tunnel. Dave worked out a corrective exercise program that strengthened my core muscles. Under Dave’s guidance I gave all my activities a years rest (that was extremely hard!) and worked with Dave twice a week.

I am now pain free and dancing 3 times per week, playing volleyball, basketball and teaching and coaching hip hop. I do have to be careful and stretch before strenuous activity.

Dave is truly a miracle worker and Invercargill is sooo lucky to have him here. I do not know what I would have done with out him.

I would thoroughly recommend Dave Cheyne to anyone with an injury or someone who wants has an injury, needs Personal Training or Nutritional and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching.

Shantelle Cockroft-Gerken

At the beginning of 2006 I was diagnosed with a minor heart condition and had for some time been having difficulty carrying out my normal forms of exercise because of my diminished energy levels. I have battled a weight condition since I was 3 years old and had in the previous years managed to reduce my weight to a level that I was happy with and maintain it. However because of a constant lack of energy I had to reduce the amount of exercise I did and this again was impacting on my weight. In turn I found myself getting depressed due to some family problems and increased weight.

I first visited Dave Cheyne in early March 2006 when he put me through and extensive questionnaire and physical examination. I found this to be intensive but Dave’s manner made it not too invasive and the information I received as part of the examination has been invaluable.

The next step for me was a month of a fairly restrictive diet to get rid of the bad bacteria and parasites in my body, which while took some considerable amount of will power on my part, was not that difficult that I couldn’t endure it ( the worst part was not having a cup of tea or a whiskey, both of which I enjoy very much). At the same time Dave recommended a course of tablets, which would put the good bacteria back into my system. During this time I noticed a major improvement in my digestion (no acid reflux or flatulence) and to my excitement (and Dave’s indifference) I lost weight at a rate I had not done for years.

In addition to this one month diet, Dave gave me a recommendation to eat to my metabolic type and once the initial diet was over I could have what ever I liked with in these recommendations. To my surprise, foods that I had not allowed myself for years were on the list to enjoy and I find that when I stick it my weight continues to decrease a little at a time and I feel really well satisfied. In conjunction with this I have used Dave to create a training routine which is well with in my energy limits and not un-enjoyable. These have helped keep my supple and reduce my stress levels.

Like most of us humans I occasionally fall off the wagon and don’t do what I should, but when I do the recommended stretches, regularly do my work out 2-3 times a week and eat as per my metabolic type I feel great.

The long term benefits have now been that I now only take some supplements for my heart condition instead of any medical intervention and have my heart condition under control. In addition, where I went to the Chiropractor at least once a month, or more often, to relieve back and neck pain I am down to visits only when I have a specific injury. I feel much more in control of my health again and enjoy my work outs because they no longer exhaust me.

In Jan 2005 I ruptured 3 discs in my lower back. L3/4 L4/5 L5/S1.

I had developed a very concerning foot drop and lost sensation down my leg and on the side and under my right foot.

During the 2005 year I went to 2 doctors and then to a muscular skeletal specialist in Dunedin (he showed me exercises to do at home at first) and then on to a Surgeon in Dunedin also. This took me to Jan 2006. After the x-rays and MRI’s they both recommended surgery.

I did research in the internet and chose not to take this track because a large amount of the articles and testimonials I read about people who had surgery had no real benefit and also those that had taken the approach of building the body through exercise had benefit. Also I was 34yrs old and the surgeon wanted to fuse my spine. I was too young in my mind for that.

I had an assessment from David and we started a program in around May 2006. We started with some very light core strengthening exercises and build on that towards more primal movements using my body as the weight.

He showed me how to engage my core to protect my back when lifting, climbing stairs, ladders etc.

Another benefit was he leant me some DVD’s, which helped my understanding of how my back and core worked.

I saw Dave 2x per week for the better part of 2 years and the results have been fantastic.

During this time I had a small lapse due to pushing myself where I was laid up for a week. I had another MRI at this time and the disc protrusion was shown to of reduced and therefore my improvement.

In late 2006 I went back to the muscular skeletal specialist and he showed me some more exercises that he said he just learnt at a course. David had me doing these from the day I presented and started training. He is very up to date.

I no longer have any back pain. The foot drop has completely gone and the loss of feeling is almost completely back, just a small area in my lower hamstring to go.

I believe David to very, very good trainer and his knowledge in the muscular skeletal system and the exercises needed to repair this an asset anyone who has challenges and is willing to take the time and patience to build the body for better health verses operations.


Bruce Mackay

I have been working with Dave for over three years and during that time have reaped the benefit of his training philosophy, methods and meticulous execution.

By way of background; prior to starting with Dave I was relatively fit; training aerobically five to six times a week. My weight was where I wanted it to be but I desired better body strength and tone (a runners physique is not great). I also had niggling back problems which sent me to the doctor and physio on a regular basis, with something as simple as lifting a car trailer causing problems.

My objective in seeking Dave’s professional advice and guidance was to retain my aerobic fitness whilst increasing my body strength, retain my low body fat content and spend less time at the doctor and physio.

After my initial assessment, Dave put a programme together to suit my weaknesses, strengths and needs specifically. It was primarily tailored toward greater core strength and indeed strength all-round.

I am delighted to say that the initial programme and all those since have been excellent. Having achieved all of my objectives and retained the same aerobic fitness with only two to three half hour sessions a week.

My overall health, fitness, strength and body tone have been excellent since working with Dave and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who has the same goals.

In December of 2005 I feel off my bike and broke my right hip I was admitted to hospital and 2 pins were inserted, I was not to weight bear for 6 weeks and the surgeon said to wait another 6 weeks before taking up any exercise. I experience little pain while I was on crutches but once I started moving the muscles in my leg were quite painful. I had arthritis in my right knee prior to this surgery and had experience different levels of pain with that.

I was introduced to Dave Cheyne and decided to work with him to get myself back into action. He introduced me to a series of exercises the have resulted in me now being able to walk and exercise mostly pain free.

I had done little or no exercise or gym work in the previous 2 years but prior to that had been a regular gym member. Dave suggested that I see a Physiotherapist and a Massage Therapist which I did; this freed up the muscles and allowed me to exercise me to exercise. The exercise program that Dave has designed for me is targeted to the specific injury area as well as general fitness; he mentors and assists in our sessions.

It is now 6 months since my injury I am moving freely and painlessly.

Isabel Murry

I have known David for the last two and a half years. In this time he has assisted me as my personal trainer with physical training programmes and also recommendations concerning diet and other lifestyle matters. Recently, David conducted a series of 90 minute “wellness” seminars which I organised for Council staff.

I have been very impressed with the depth of David’s professionalism and knowledge. His training methods are different from the conventional wisdom of fitness training, but time and time again I have found that he has correctly assessed a situation and made recommendations which turned out to be the right thing to do.

Since I have been training with Dave I have achieved a fitness level which has been independently assessed as being in the ‘elite’ category for my age. I have been able to use the fitness and good general health (that Dave has helped me establish) as the base for activities as diverse as participating in fun runs, mountain biking, swim training and learning to surf, achieving success and enjoyment without injury, all in my late 50’s. Perhaps most importantly, my wife has frequently commented that I have been better within myself.

Dave’s seminars for our staff have been well received. Dave has a way of putting a lot of information across in a short period of time. Some found this quite intense. All found it worthwhile in adding to their knowledge and building on things they already knew. It is clear to me that most of the staff who attended Dave’s seminars have made some changes (such as dinking more water and reviewing their eating habits) and some have made more significant changes, like reviewing their life priorities.

I was also present at a talk that Dave did for the Invercargill Rotary Club a year or so ago. Again I was impressed with the way Dave presented his material, pitching it at the level appropriate to the audience. His confident and professional presentation was well-received.

I have been impressed with Dave’s personal integrity. He combines a dedication and commitment to what he does with genuine care for the wellbeing of his clients, a passion for the wider socio-environmental issues facing the modern world, and a willingness to explore new concepts and ideas.

It is my view that all who come into contact with Dave as a trainer/coach or as a presenter will find they have benefited and learned from the association.

Hi Dave

Just wanted to say thanks for your courage to say what needed to be said, when possibly you didn’t really how it would be taken, or what would result.

It wasn’t easy at first, but you were right, body / mind was out of kilter. But am geeting back on track and starting to enjoy exercise again. Besides summer is coming, lots of dresses to look nice in.

Thanks again Maria

Dear Dave

I am writing this to express my gratitude for the help you have given me in becoming relatively pain free after having been in quite debilitating pain for almost a year.

Prior to consulting with you I had suffered from sciatic type pain in my left leg which was radiating especially into my left knee on which I had a full knee replacement in September 2005. This was causing considerable discomfort and was also effecting my ability to exercise, especially walking, which I had been doing for 40-50 minutes daily for many years and I also believe it was effecting my recovery from the knee replacement.

After just three consultations during which you highlighted other problems I have which relate back to a serious car smash I had 40 years ago you provided me with and exercise plan which has worked wonders for my leg as well as improving my over all being.

I am back to walking 45 minutes a day as well as riding my bike, which I had been unable to do following the knee replacement and generally feel much better with in myself.

Mike Kelly 29.8.06

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