Personal Trainer Invercargill

If you are serious about your training goals, need someone to hold you accountable to your own goals or just have a training goal that you have no idea how to achive then MBS Holistic Training Personal Trainer Dave Cheyne is for you.

A Personal Trainer in Invercargill, we include a range of motion assessment, movement pattern assessment and where appropriate body aesthetics (girths, body fat, weight), health and fitness assessment.  This helps us understand where you are starting from.  Once we understand where you are starting from and where you want to be we can develop a Personal Training proposal designed to out line your path to your goals.  Your Personal Training proposal is an out line of what will need to be done in oder to achive your goals.  It out lines both your responsilities and MBS Holistic Training responsibilities and includes the associate fees.  Once the fee is agreed on thats its it there are no other hidden costs to your Personal Training.

Once the proposal has been agreed upon we will develope your first exercise program.  This will be avaliable in written, video and picture format and we will take you through that program until we both agree you are confident and competent in completing it. You may either keep training by yourself (or with a friend) or train with myself or one of the other trainers.

If you are doing your program unsupervised I expect you to keep a training log (which you will be given) and at the end of the 4-6 weeks we will meet up for a further assessment where you can give me feed back on what you liked/didn’t like and where you would like to go next. Based on your feedback I will advance your program to the next level.

Anytime you are unsure of your program you will be able to review your program via video on the MBS Holistic Training website. Any other concerns you may have I am available to discuss these with you by email or phone. If you see me in the gym and I’m not with a client I will be happy to assist you where practical. If I believe you require further assistance in achieving your program goals I will advise you of this.

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