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Fungus and Parasites

If you have (had) athletes foot, jock itch, bad dandruff, Candida, thrush, fungus on
toenails, lower abdominal cramps and or bloating, continual bad breath regardless
of how much you brush of floss your teeth, cravings for sugar, dairy and or alcohol
chances are you have a fungal or parasite infection and where one of these exists the
other is sure to follow. Fungus and parasite infections tend to grow prolifically around
this time of year when summer fruit is in abundance and we are all enjoying far too
many simple carbohydrates – which are the primary food for fungus and parasites.

Unfortunately fungus and parasites are quite easy to catch. You can get an infection
through intimate contact with someone who has an infection, sharing public showers
with out protective foot ware, not washing your food properly during preperation,
if the people serving or making your food have not washed their hands properly,
not chewing your food to liquidation or eating food that has a fungus and parasite
infection such as moldy grains, or animals whose primary diets consist of grains that
might be moldy. Those at most risk are those who have had long term anti biotic use
(with out the use of a probiotic), heavy use of medications or have had anesthetics.

Getting a fungal or parasite infection is a sign that your immune system is not up to
scratch and or that you have poor internal flora (the good bacteria in your gut is out
of balance with the bad bacteria in your gut) and that your immune system is busy
combating the imbalance rather than fighting the infection.

Those hardest hit by fungal and parasite infections are often the elderly, new mothers
and athletes. Typically these people will have a lack of energy, won’t recover as
fast as they used too from injuries or viral infections, even cuts and bruising will
take longer to heel. This is especially true for athletes who may think there training
partners are super human and wondering why they can’t recover as fast from session
to session.

Getting rid of the irritation of fungal infection such as athletes foot can be as easy as
using over the counter medications, however if the infection comes back you know
you’ve got a fight on your hands. I recommend going to the source of the problem
– your gut and fixing it properly rather than masking it. Dealing with fungal and
parasite infections generally includes the use of human strength high-grade probiotic,
and an anti fungal and anti parasite diet for at least six months food rotation is also a
good idea.

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