Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)

FDN is an international body of practitioners who have literally worked with thousands of people creating healing opportunities for them. FDN mission statement is to Educate as Many People as Possible How to Get Well and Stay Well Naturally so that They, in Turn, May Educate Others.

FDN is an emerging field and body of work that bridges the gap between clinical nutrition and functional medicine. FDN is a type of detective work that seeks to identify and correct the underlying causes and conditions that lead to the patient’s health complaints, instead of just treating symptoms.

People come to us with many common health complaints…
Allergies, acne, and rosacea, blood sugar problems, depression and anxiety, emotional fragility, headaches and fogginess, indigestion and bloating. Inflammation, pain, asthma, allergies. Insomnia and wakefulness Low sex drive, PMS Hypertension, cholesterol problems Fatigue and lethargy Weight gain and weight loss and Other Chronic Stress Related Disorders

    Rather than treat symptoms, the FDN model focuses on investigating/handling causal factors such as

  • Adrenal and steroidal hormone related dysfunction
  • Circadian rhythm (sleep) problems
  • Poor nutrient breakdown and absorption
  • Pro-oxidant and anti-oxidant imbalances
  • Dysbiosis and gut malfunction
  • Hormone dynamics
  • Inflammatory state
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Sluggish liver, detoxification problems
  • Bacterial and yeast overgrowth
  • Antigenic overload and pathogenic conditions

And acting upon those with healing opportunities instead of treating the symptoms

Here’s How we Work

We use functional lab testing to identify malfunctions at the subclinical level within the..
Hormone / Immune, Digestion / Detoxification, Intestinal Barrier Systems

We find malfunctions overlooked by the medical model
Just because blood work looks “normal” doesn’t mean its all in your head

Then we recommend lab-guided, health-building strategies which includes drug-free all-natural protocols. This also includes behavior modifications and a lifestyle which supports the body’s innate healing ability through our Diet Rest Exercise Supplements Stress Reduction.

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