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Exercising for health and longevity

For those of you who are in tune to what’s going on in your mind and body you will
have noticed some changes happening around the age of 30. Metaphysically speaking
30 is when most of us get faced with our first real hurdle and or questions about life,
astrologically speaking the planet is in the same position it was when you were born
and biologically speaking the first of the top 5 biological makers of aging start to
Top 10 biological makers of aging.
Decrease in Muscle mass
Decrease in strength
Decrease in basal metabolic rate (the amount of calories your body needs to burn to
maintain it’s self in a dormant state)
Increase in body fat percentage
Decrease aerobic capacity
Increase in blood sugar tolerance
Cholesterol rate ratios start to move in an unfavourable direction
Increase in blood pressure
Decrease in bone density
Poor body temperature regulation.

Muscle in the body is made of protein and the body is a protein-producing machine
and a decrease in the body’s ability to produce / maintain protein levels or our ability
to increase its break down will increase our aging.

Typically speaking aerobic activity puts us in a catabolic state, and generally causes
the body to break down its protein tissue an example of this is an endurance athlete.
You don’t see big bulky endurance athletes because it’s just too hard for the body
to keep pushing all that bulk around so it starts breaking it’s self down. The exact
opposite of this is a physique athlete who does resistance training and increases
muscle mass, this puts the body in an anabolic state. Compare the bodies of a sprinter
and a marathon runner.

If you have a specific aerobic goal like a half marathon then your training needs to
be specific to that goal i.e. you have to run. However if your goal is to stay looking
younger and healthier then we need to look at ways of maintaining and or increasing
your levels of muscle mass and resistance training coupled with good nutrition is
the key. Resistance training allows us to slow the biological makers of ageing by
maintaining / increasing our muscle mass, increasing our strength and increasing
our metabolic rate which in turn keeps our body fat percentage down. You can even
maintain basic aerobic conditioning through resistance training. NB My definition
of resistance training is not sitting around in the gym on machines “pumping tin”.
Resistance training needs to be functional to what you like to do. If you like to come
home from work and pick the kids up and play with them then you need to train those
specific movement patterns. If you want to be strong enough and have enough energy
to cut some firewood, play golf, do some shopping, catch up with friends and still
have enough energy to have a wrestle in the bedroom then your resistance training
needs to be functional to those activities. In short you need to maintain / increase
your muscle mass with movement patterns that are functional to your everyday life

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