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Christmas Spread



Did you avoid the Christmas spread?

Did you manage to avoid the Christmas spread?

This week and next week will be the telling tale of how our goals of eating correctly over the holiday period will start to show.

So far this year all the clients I have remeasured for body aesthetic goals have managed to not only maintain what they had lost before the holiday build up, but also managed to loose size and weight during the festive session.

How did they do that?  By understanding and following 3 basic rules

  1. Eat good quality food – organic / free range / spray free
  2. Have your biggest meal of the day for breakfast followed by lunch as the second biggest meal and dinner being the smallest meal
  3. Understand and eat to your metabolic type

Food Matters

Is a great entertaining easy video the explains very nicely the importance of good quality food.  Have a look at the trailer below for a quick introduction

21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

In the next 5 weeks MBS Holistic Training will be launching a 21 day weight loss challenge where we teach you your metabolic type, give you the recipes, the shopping lists, advice you on the exercise best suited for your health and wellness and we guarantee results or you get your money back.  Please go to our website and click on our facebook button so we can keep you informed of the launch date

Metabolic Typing

Understanding and following your metabolic type is essential to good health and helping you achieve the body aesthetics goals you desire.  The below video link is a nice quick easy explanation to explain what metabolic typing is and how it can help you.

You can find out your metabolic type by simply going to my website click on articles and down load your free health and wellness questionnaire. With in this questionnaire you will find a metabolic type questionnaire.  Simply answer the questions, tally your score and the questionnaire will tell you your metabolic type and what ratios of fat, protein and carbohydrate are best suited to your body.

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